Terms & Conditions

1. Agreement Overview
1.1 This Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into between Redemption Auto Detail, hereinafter referred to as the "Company," and the customer, hereinafter referred to as the "Client." Once an appointment has been made, the Client and Company are bound to the terms and conditions herein.
2. Services
2.1 The Company agrees to provide mobile auto detailing services as described in the service package selected by the Client.
2.2 The Client agrees to provide a suitable location for the detailing service and to ensure the vehicle is accessible at the scheduled time.
2.3 The Client agrees to provide a reliable water and power source within 75’ of the vehicle to be serviced unless expressly declined by the Client at time of booking.
2.4 The Company reserves the right to refuse service for a Client who is unable to provide resources outlined in section 2.4 above.
2.5 The Client agrees to remove any and all personal belongings from the vehicle prior to the Company’s arrival. Failure to comply will result in those areas being left unserviced by the Company. 
2.6 The Company will not accept any liability for any loss or damage to any personal property including the vehicle being serviced, any belongings contained inside of the vehicle, or to the location of service. The Client must assure the serviced vehicle(s) is(are) in a lawful and safe area.
2.7 The Company reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
2.8 The Company will not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse from the Client at any time.
3. Appointment and Cancellation
3.1 Appointments will be scheduled in advance by the Company and agreed upon with the Client.
3.2 The Client agrees to a 20% holding fee for services requested at time of booking.
3.2 To receive a full refund of the holding fee, the Client agrees to provide a minimum of 48 hours' notice for any appointment cancellation or rescheduling.
3.3 The Company reserves the right to deny the Client any reimbursement for appointments canceled with less than 48 hours' notice.
3.4 The Company reserves the right to alter or move a booking as a result of unfavorable weather conditions or unexpected equipment failure.
3.5 The Company reserves the right to contact the Client via telephone, text message, or email regarding services and is not responsible for any costs incurred by the Client as a result.
4. Pricing and Payment
4.1 The Client agrees to pay the agreed-upon price for the selected detailing services between the time of booking and the final walk-through/key return.
4.2 Payment is due upon completion of the service unless otherwise agreed upon in writing between the Company and the Client.
4.3 The Company reserves the right to take debit or credit card details to secure the Client’s booking.
4.4 All prices set by the Company are advertised as a “From” price.
4.5 Any price discrepancies from the advertised/estimated price online will be expressly addressed by the Company prior to booking.
5. Liability
5.1 The Company will take exceptional care during the detailing service. However, the Client acknowledges that the Company is not liable for any damage to the vehicle or its contents that is not a direct result of negligence.
5.2 The Client is responsible for informing the Company of any pre-existing damage to the vehicle before the commencement of the detailing service.
5.3 Should the Company find any interior items that are (but not limited to): Working improperly, worn, scratched, cracked, faded, or broken, the Company will document and present damages to the Client immediately. This is done in good faith and exonerates the Company from any incurred liability. 
5.4 Dirt often hides swirl marks, scratches, dings, paint chips, fine lines and marks on a vehicle’s exterior. After initial washing, should the Company find any exterior elements that are (but not limited to): Working improperly, worn, scratched, cracked, faded, broken, or chipped, the Company will document and present damages to the Client immediately. This is done in good faith and exonerates the Company from any incurred liability. 
5.5 During a paint correction service, other paint defects may become evident. Pre-existing paint imperfections tend to hide and mask deeper scratches that may be noticeable only after paint correction. The Company is not responsible for them or their removal. 
5.6 The Company will not remove or replace child car seats under any circumstances. The Client is asked to remove car seats and booster seats prior to the Company’s arrival. Should the car seat be left in the vehicle, the Company cannot guarantee total cleaning satisfaction of and around the seat.
6. Engine Bay
6.1 The engine bay detail is not a recommended service. Engine bay details involve a great deal of risk. The Company will not be held responsible for any engine or mechanical issues incurred during an engine bay detail.
6.2 If the Client chooses to proceed with an engine bay detail, they agree their vehicle is not dated earlier than 2003, and is in fine operating condition otherwise.
6.3 The Company will remove the engine battery for safety, and will cover the alternator, and other necessary intake and electrical elements before proceeding. 
7. Satisfaction Guarantee
7.1 The Company aims to provide high-quality detailing services. If the Client is not satisfied with the service, the Company will make reasonable efforts to address and rectify any issues.
7.2 When requested by the Client, the Company will gladly walk the Client through a complete vehicle inspection to explain all services performed, and the results achieved.
7.3 The Client agrees to address any and all concerns with the Company regarding unsatisfactory services during final inspection/key-return
8. Photo and Video Rights
8.1 By hiring the Company for services, the Client releases all rights to photos and videos of their vehicle–both inside and outside, and any of the surrounding area found in the background–during the appointment.
8.2 The Company reserves the right to use obtained media for the sole purposes of advertisement and proof of services provided.
8.3 The Company will block out any and all legally identifying markers found in any of the media obtained, including address markers and license plates.
9. Governing Law
9.1 This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the state laws of California.
10. Miscellaneous
10.1 This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties and supersedes any prior agreements or understandings, whether oral or written.
10.2 Any amendments to this Agreement must be made in writing and signed by both parties.

Service Disclaimer

& Waiver

Client hereby agrees to the following terms for each service rendered:
1. Client understands and agrees that REDEMPTION AUTO DETAIL cannot guarantee the removal of all contaminants or defects, including, but not limited to upholstery stains, oil stains, chipped or loose paint, etc. 
2. Client understands that while REDEMPTION AUTO DETAIL will make every effort to protect serviced property from damage, they may use high pressure water, chemicals, and/or other items that can be destructive to property, plant life, animals, and humans. 
3. Client releases REDEMPTION AUTO DETAIL from any liability for any damage or incidental, visible, or otherwise, that occurred before, during, or after services are performed on the property. 
4. Client understands that services rendered such as pressure washing, chemical spot cleaning, etc, may reveal imperfections in surfaces that were not visible prior to cleaning, heavy build-ups of mold and dirt may be hiding other problems such as cracks, oil or rust stains, rust rot, flaking or missing paint, etc. In some circumstances, the removal of a stain may not be possible or practical, and replacement of surface or repainting may be necessary. 
5. Client understands that the presence/combination of water and high pressure associated with pressure washing present certain risks which can lead to permanent damage(s) to the vehicle being cleaned as well as other personal property in, under, on, or around the general area of the vehicle being cleaned. 
6. If a purchased package includes, or engine bay detailing service purchased separately, REDEMPTION AUTO DETAIL will carefully de-grease the engine compartment with pressurized water/steam and chemicals and then dry with pressurized air and condition hoses and plastic parts in the engine compartment. In certain limited occasions, an Engine Detail can lead to certain mechanical issues related to the car such as poor performance or no performance (“Engine Issues”). The Client fully acknowledges and agrees that the Client assumes all risks of Engine Issues relating to the Engine Detail and the Client agrees to be fully responsible therefore and waive any and all claims against REDEMPTION AUTO DETAIL relating to an Engine Detail. Accordingly, for good and sufficient consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged, the Client releases and discharges REDEMPTION AUTO DETAIL from any and all claims, demands, and liabilities, whether known or unknown, whether foreseeable or not relating in any way to the Engine Bay Detail. 
7. Client acknowledges and understands that weather conditions are an uncontrolled factor in services rendered. REDEMPTION AUTO DETAIL has every right to modify services rendered, decline or reschedule a service if weather conditions may impede the quality of service and/or damage property. Such conditions may be extreme temperatures (freezing, high heat, etc), high winds, precipitation, lightning, etc. 
8. Client certifies that they are the legal and/or registered owner of the property serviced and has full permission from the parcel owner to have services performed on scheduled location. 
9. Client agrees that REDEMPTION AUTO DETAIL shall not be held responsible for any personal belongings left in vehicles or on property. 
10. Client understands and assumes these risks and waives and releases REDEMPTION AUTO DETAIL from and against any and all claims. 
12. If any section of this agreement is deemed unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, all other sections of this agreement remain in full force and effect. 
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